Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Please let him sleep through till morning.....I don't want a repeat of last week's 3am drive with a wide-awake kiddo!

* After several, several long weeks of Nixon's non-stop snacking and then refusing to eat at meal times, I tried something different today. He asked for blueberry oatmeal for breakfast. He then refused to eat it. So I refused to let him have any snacks until lunchtime. If he was hungry, his oatmeal was still an option.
   Guess what? He ended up eating it about 2 hours later. I did re-heat it, just a touch, for him. He then also at him lunch.

* Nixon, one of the cutest little comic book store patrons ever, was in full-on charmer mode today! Just totally adorable, counting Green Lantern rings, telling me about Hulk and talking to all the store employees. He was even trying to set up his own photo op with the tentacle finger puppets. Oh he's so cute!

* It's another early bedtime for Nixon. He's been asleep since 6pm. Tonight I'm not waking him. Hopefully, he'll stay asleep all night....fingers crossed.

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