Thursday, August 1, 2013

Either he has no sense of humor or I'm not as funny to him as I used to be....It's gotta be the first option, right?!?!

* Evidently, Nixon is already getting tired of my humor. He will say to me, multiple times a day, "Hey Mom, guess what?" or "Mommy, I've got really good news!" which leaves him wide open for my response "You just saved me a ton of money on car insurance!"
   He has never once laughed at that.
   People around us, in stores or at coffee shops, now they always chuckle when they hear this exchange between us. But, c'mon kid, this is pure regurgitated commercial comedy gold I'm giving you!

* And then this happened today:
Nixon: I finished my breakfast, please can I have candy please?me: No. You are not getting candy this early in the day.
Nixon: But please I love candy.
me: I realize you love candy but you're not getting any.
Nixon: Please can I want candy please?
me: Sure, you can want candy all your little heart desires.
Nixon: *happy smile on his face* Aww...thanks Mom
me: But wanting and having are 2 different things. I can't stop you from wanting something, but I can stop you from having it.

* Finally, he's been really bad about cleaning up his toys. Tonight I started small: pick up all the toys on the floor and put them in the bins. From there it was: put all the clothes in the basket. After that, back to toys: put the bins on the table. Look your room is all cleaned!
   We went back to the living room and did the same thing. Small tasks, big results! I told him every night we're doing the same thing. 

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