Monday, August 12, 2013

Medicine juice and other things that will lead to a pre-breakfast meltdown....

* Poor Nixon had the worst morning today. He was eating his apples and drinking his OJ that I had gotten for him, while Mac and I were up in our room still waking up and getting ready to go out to breakfast. Nixon spilled his OJ and was so upset! He was crying, just devastated that he made a mess and had spilled all his "medicine juice". He's got a cough and some chest congestion, so to get him to take his cough medicine I put the dose in a cup of OJ. He saw me do this today and realized it was "medicine juice". He was suddenly very okay with drinking medicine juice (which he hadn't been before, hence why I resorted to mixing it in OJ in the first place) and was upset when it was spilled.
   We cleaned him, the carpet and the chair up, assured him it was fine and eventually we got out of the house and had a really nice day together. Lots of errands completed, getting things ready for the road trip this weekend and even got Nixon's health forms for school completed!

* how do you know Nixon's under the weather? He takes a 4 hour nap and then still goes to bed on time. Yep, that happened today. Poor baby, I hope this cold is short-lived so he can really enjoy our time in NY with my family next week.

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