Tuesday, August 27, 2013

"She makes my face go *jaw drops* she's soooo pretty!", yes, indeed that is something Nixon said today....all on his own.

* No day is complete without Nixon and I making cashiers laugh with us and having a stranger listening to us and rolling her eyes at us. Our conversation today:me: Nixon, please stay over here by me (he was only 5 feet away, but he was too close to the exit to make me comfortable)

Nixon: Okay mom. I don't want to go to jail!
me: I'm happy to hear that, it's very good that staying out of jail is one of your goals in life.
*cashier chuckles*
Nixon: No, Mommy, you need to stay out of jail!
me: Nixon, I have not gone to jail so far in my life and I plan on keeping that streak alive. If I can stay out of jail, I'm sure you can too.
*cashier laughs again* That's a good role model you have son, your mom tells you life like it is.
me: Thanks, I try to keep things honest with him.
Nixon: Yeah, my mom's really great! Can I have my truck now?
me: Yep, when all else fails, bribery...works every time.
*cue the stranger's eye rolling and cashier laughter*

But for real, what mom wouldn't want to take an opportunity and encourage their child's goal to stay out of jail?

* Nixon has never really shown much interest in any woman, beautiful or otherwise, besides myself. It's not at all concerning to me, I don't care and it's not something I'm pushing on him because he is only 4.
   That all changed tonight.
   While watching E! Total Divas, Nixon had his very first jaw dropping moment when he saw a girl. He saw:

Ariane, Nixon's "SOOOOO pretty" girl
Nixon's face when he sees her 

Nixon says "OH MY GOD, Mommy, she's soooooo pretty! She makes my face go *cheeks sucked in, eyebrows go up and jaw goes open wide*. She's super pretty!" I say "Nixon, you think she's really pretty?" Nixon says to me "Duh, Mom, did you see my face?!" and he does it again!
  How adorable is that?!

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