Saturday, August 10, 2013

In the middle of the night there was a thump and a cry, the next morning he says "use your mommy voice"....he is very lucky he is so darned cute!

he woke up and rolled over just as the flash on my camera went off...I'm keeping this one! 

* Who got woken up, out of a dead sleep, by a *thump* and crying child?!? This mom! Nixon finally did what Mac was always afraid he'd do: he rolled out off our bed. Our bed, which is about 3 feet from the ground. He rolled over in his sleep, after he FLEW at me in his sleep and elbowed me in the back of my head and between my shoulder blades I swear to gods he like super-flied across the bed and landed on top of me, just as I was falling asleep!, he quickly fell back to sleep and so did I. Then he rolled over and *thump* cue my panicked scramble out of bed to get him and his crying!
  I lifted him back into the bed and just held him while looking for blood on his face or head. He had no blood on him, but kept asking him if he was okay. He told me his face was okay but his back and legs hurt, because he landed on them. After he calmed down, by the way while he was calming down we were curled up in the center of my giant-ass bed so he didn't worry about falling off again, I asked him if he thought it was time to stop sleeping in mom & dad's bed. He said "Yeah, because falling out of it is a long fall and the ground hurt my back Mommy.", I carried him into his bedroom, gave him hugs and kisses and he was soon fast asleep.
    He does have a couple small bruises on his spine from the fall last night. Totally one of the top 10 scariest middle of the night moments I've had with him!

* Nixon is hilarious! I am grumpy-as-hell first thing in the morning. Nixon, my son, knows this. So when he says something to me, before I've had my coffee, that makes me do a double take, I just love him a little more.
   I was making Nixon waffles. I called him to the kitchen, barely speaking because I hate being awake before I've had my coffee, "Nixon, come get your waffles". Nixon walks into the kitchen and says "No, mommy, you don't say that. Not like that."
   I look at him, "Say what?"
   He says, straight-faced "You say it in your mommy voice. Not that voice you just said."
  All I could respond was "My "mommy voice"? What's that?"
   He was kind enough to explain, "Your mommy voice is your happy voice."
   Ah, it all made sense, I wasn't happy enough for him. But, please note, he's not a fan of my overly sarcastic happy tone either. With him it's either real or nothing at all.
he knew I was taking his picture, so he asked me to hide him from the light. 

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