Friday, August 16, 2013

He's a trooper, even if he's cranky!

* Nixon and I both got up around 830am today. For him this is late, for me this is a miracle! I had a lot to get done, since I thrive under pressure and I'm a professional procrastinator. Nixon was great while Mac slept, for the most part, letting me get things done around the house and even helped me sort the laundry by pulling all his clothes out and putting them in his own basket.
   We had a bunch of errands to run when Mac woke up, including gifts for my nieces. Not an easy task with a kid in tow, but Nixon was totally into picking out gifts for his cousins...we'll see if he's still totally into it when it comes time to give said gifts to his cousins.

* He did not take a nap today, unless you count a 5 minute snooze in the car a nap. I'm hoping this means an extra long nap in the car tomorrow, but it could backfire and mean an extra cranky kid in the car tomorrow. Either way it'll be an adventure!

* We stopped at the grocery store to grab some last minute snacks and things, and Nixon had this one cashier completely in love with him. She kept telling me how she loved his little voice and listening to him say things. She just kept asking him questions to hear him talk. Thank gods I was right there otherwise I might not have had a kid anymore she looked like she was going to gobble the sweetness right out of Nixon! I get it, my kid's kind of cute and very adorable when he's not being an ass, but please middle-aged cashier, control yourself!

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