Sunday, August 25, 2013

Another catch-up post....vacation is over, so tonight's post will be business as usual, I promise!

* Wednesday my parents wanted to treat Nixon (with Mac and I) to a day at the Zoo. Any zoo trip is a good trip for Nixon, but this one included rides!
the train that Nixon had to go on alone...meaning no parents. His first "just me" ride *tear*

the carousel that started with Nixon sitting in the bench next to me and ended with him on the horse in front of me. 
* Wednesday night Nixon spent the night with his Geema Jes and Mac & I had the night to ourselves. We did nothing special. But Nixon enjoyed movies with his godmother and some very special bonding time with her.

* Thursday we went to my grandmother's for lunch. Geema Jes brought Nixon out there to meet us, and my sister came out a little later with her kids. Nixon got to play with his cousins, chasing bubbles in the backyard until it started to rain. I'm so glad he got to spend the time he did with his cousins, making memories similar to memories I have with my cousins from my childhood.

* Friday was packing day and we left to drive home around 3pm. Actually, we left 5 minutes early. For us it's kind of a big deal!
   No big events on the road. We made good time home, Nixon slept for about 3 hours of our drive. Mac and I had some silly bonding time while he slept. It really was a great vacation, minus every moron on the road seeming to target our car with their stupid driving.
Daddy's turn to drive! 

Yeah, we're kind of weird like that. 
* Saturday was our recovery day. The cats were super happy to see us and Nixon even slept in until after 9am. We all stayed in bed until after 10am, Nixon saying he had a "yucky tummy". We got dressed and went to go eat breakfast at Denny's, when Nixon got sick on the way.
   We cleaned him up and changed him (yay for being lazy and not unpacking the car yet!), I was ready to go home but Nixon insisted he was good and wanted to eat. We took a chance, armed with wipes, and asked to sit at the booth closest to the restrooms just in case.
   It was unnecessary because he was totally fine, ate all his breakfast and didn't get sick again.

Our vacation home couldn't have been any better, but we could have used more hours in the day. It's never enough time.....
Until next time: We love you, New York!

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