Sunday, August 25, 2013

Read me a story...but not that one, only Mommy can read me that one! And other ways Nixon lets us know where our place is in his heart.

* Nixon woke up today and was awesome. Super quiet, snuck downstairs and played with his toys. Then he came up and told me "Mommy, the sun is up and I'm hungry. Let's start the day!", and start the day I did.

* Nixon was doing his learning path on my computer, when the battery warning came on the screen. Nixon says "Mommy, you need to plug it in, the power is low!".
   I get the power cord and plug it in, while Nixon runs over to the switch that controls the outlet I plugged it into. He flips the switch and says "Let's get this power flowing right!"

* At bedtime, I ask Nixon if he wants Mac to read him the new My Little Pony books we have for him. Nixon quickly says "NO! Just you, Mommy." but he did let Mac read the "I love you, Stinky Face" book that we've read to him since he was a baby.
   Mac says it's okay, My Little Pony is just Nixon and I's thing and that's cool. Mac and Nixon have comic books together.  

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