Thursday, August 15, 2013

He's doing math he's so excited for our trip to NY, he got a massage and gave me a massage....I love my baby boy!

* Nixon says to me this morning "Mommy, we've got 2 weeks before we leave for New York. That's forever!". I tell him, we've got 2 days and he looks at me and says "That's not so very long. I go to sleep and wake up and then it will be one day! Wow, mommy, that's not long at all!"
   He then tells me to start packing. haha

* Nixon misplaced his iTouch today (well Mac's iTouch) and was pissed because that meant he couldn't play Angry Birds. He comes over to me and tells me I have to find it for him. I told him since I didn't touch it last, I wasn't looking for it. I went one step further and told him if I did find it before he found it, I was keeping it until we left for NY on Saturday.
   I thought he was going to lose his mind! Well, he did kind of lose his mind. He cried, yelled and kept trying to tell me I lost his iTouch.
   Mac finally found it, after Nixon apologized and was looking for it at the same time.

* At dinnertime, I tell Nixon: "Listen, if you think while we're visiting friends and family, you will get away with acting up and mouthing off and being horrible, you are wrong! I will find a place to put you in time out and you will be treated like we're at home. Family will not stop me from correcting your behavior. You know that right?"
   This kid took his plate and tried to walk away from me! I stopped him, make him look at me and took his plate take food away from a Ball and he gets it. He got it, or at least knew enough to listen to Mac and I, look at me and told me he got it.
   We shall see......

* Nixon, after his shower, says to me "Mommy, can you do the bang, bang on my back?" It took me a minute to get what he meant. He likes when I use the side of my hand pinkie to wrist, and lightly chop his back as a massage. What's even better, is after I did this to him while he was stretched out over my legs in my bed watching tv, he decided it was my turn so I got the same massage from him AND I got a back scratch from him!
   I love him and his thoughtfulness.
poor baby has a cough but keeps telling me he's fine...yeah, so fine he's sleeping with his mouth open :(

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