Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Vacation is going well, I'm a huge slacker!

Aug 19th....Ice cream goodness :)

 Being home, in NY, for a week and trying make time for everyone while not totally stressing out ourselves has been tasking. We're doing it, but it's taken some finessing.

   Monday I got my tattoo done. Nixon was adorable when he saw it. He said "Oh mommy, you have a lovely owie!" And he is not wrong. He's been loving all the time he's gotten to spend with his cousins A & P.
   The downside is he's gone on a 4 day nap strike. He finally took one yesterday, but we had to wake him up for dinner....and that was just a mess. He was Captain Grumpy Pants for the rest of the night, until we mentioned ice cream. As soon as he heard that, he degrumped and was ready to go.
   We met a long-time friend of mine for a brief visit last night, and Nixon was in awe of my friend's Star Wars Rebel Alliance jersey! That's our little geek!

  Today (Tuesday) we spent the day with Nixon's godmother, Mala. We went to a local comic book store and had a slightly disappointed kiddo when he realized not every LCBS stocked toys like Third Eye Comics does. No Angry Birds? No Nixon. He was politely asking Mac, Mala and myself to take him out to the car because he didn't want to be in the store anymore. Not rude, just very matter-of-factually making his choice known. I have to say, I was proud of him for not just throwing a tantrum to get out of the store. He waited until I was ready to take him to the car.
   After lunch out, we made our way back to Mala's abode where Nixon and Mac napped together while Mala and I just chilled for a couple hours. *I should probably add: Mala is my cousin and therefore Nixon's cousin as well, but we've asked her to be one of his fairy godmothers and he calls her "Geema"
    We spent more time visiting with my friend from last night, this evening and ended the night with a wonderful and laughter filled good time at a restaurant for a late dinner. Nixon wasn't on his best behavior, but to be fair it was quite late and he was admittedly tired.

    4 days of our vacation down 3 days to go! We're all still alive, so that's something to be grateful for!

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