Sunday, August 4, 2013

His heart's better, he's giving me kisses and bonding with daddy today! A total successful Sunday!

* From yesterday:
Nixon seeing Mac reading on his tablet: What the heck are you reading?!?!

* Nixon was in a much better place this morning. He said to me "Mommy, I have good smiles from when J visited. That's a good thing. Friends are good to have." Those words made me feel like the best mom in the world, because just last night he was swearing off of making friends ever.

* I struggled with another mild migraine today. As I was trying to sleep it off, Nixon came up to check on me. He saw I was hurting and he kissed my forehead saying "Oh, Mommy, you don't feel good do you? My poor mommy."

* I woke up to find Nixon and Mac playing Super Hero Squad together. Mac was playing, Nixon had a turned off control, but he didn't know it. They "played" 3 levels together and Nixon had a total blast! I was in love with both of them watching them together.

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