Sunday, August 11, 2013

morning Mommy, I'm going to yell in your face about a rabbit but I'll make up for it later by treating you like a Queen! Gets me every time!

* It's been well established that Nixon has no respect for my personal space, correct? He has even less respect for it when I'm sleeping. As he proved, once again, this morning.
   I was sleeping in the spare bedroom, because I had issues sleeping last night in our bedroom at the front of the house. The spare bedroom looks over the backyard. Nixon comes running into the bedroom, jumps onto the bed, gets mouth-to-face close to me and yells "Mommy, get up and look! Peter rabbit is visiting again. You have to say hi to him! MOMMMMY LOOK RIGHT NOW!!!"
   The bunny, aka Peter Rabbit, was in the backyard down below us and I can assure you he could not careless if I say hello to him or not.

* Nixon was randomly singing this morning, a bunch of Phineas and Ferb songs. Guess what I learned? Phineas and Ferb are to blame for Nixon's "bowchicabowwwow", they say it in one of their songs, just not like Nixon sings it.
   But seriously, Disney?!? This was okay?? I'll let it go, because it's kind of awesome...but really?!?

* I have to share this: Nixon brought me a pudding cup (or as he calls it "putting"), holds it out hand up, head bowed and says "Your Majesty, may I please have this putting please?"                          
He got his "putting" cup!

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