Saturday, July 27, 2013

Ah...his dry-sarcasm training is coming along nicely!

* Nixon: I love you, Mom.
me: *kiss* I love you too, baby.
Mac: What am I, chopped liver?
me: Nixon, what about Daddy? Do you love Daddy?
Nixon: Yeah, I love Daddy too.
me: I think you should go tell him.
*Nixon goes running over to Mac*
Nixon: I like you Dad.
me: HOLY....*and then I lose my mind laughing*
Mac: Seriously?
Me: Nixon, that's not nice. Don't you love Daddy?
Nixon: I do. *gives Mac a hug* I like you Dad. I really like you Daddy.
Mac: Gee, thanks buddy.
me: Nixon, no more playing around. You're hurting Daddy's feelings.
Nixon: I'm sorry. I love you Daddy.

I know I shouldn't have laughed, but damn that kid is hilarious! He's so random and he's totally got our humor down to an art now. 

* Nixon is sometimes incredibly honest. Ask him a question, then ask him if he's lying and he'll tell you if he's lying.
Today he asked if he could ring the bell at the Post Office. Since we were (a) already at the counter and (b) had the clerk helping us, I explained no, he could not because it'd be rude. He asked to sit on the counter "to see better". I asked him if he really meant to "ring the bell", he said "yeah" then smiled, like he was so smart. I told him again, ringing the bell when you're already being helped is rude and not nice to the person who is helping us. He said he would be good and crossed-his-heart not to touch the bell. And he didn't, he sat there, quietly, the whole time. The clerk gave him a lollipop when we were done.

*Finally, the biggest Top News Story of the day:
Nixon completed Level 3 on! It was a preschool level, focusing on numbers and letters, basic shapes and colors. All the things he should know and would have learned in preschool.
Mac and I are so proud of him, but most importantly Nixon is proud of himself! So much so that he went right into Level 4: Pre-K lessons.
Monday morning we're going to take him out an let him get his reward for accomplishing this amazing fete! 

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