Monday, July 22, 2013

Today, MOM got the new nickname :)

* Nixon came into the bedroom today and announced that BeBe needed to take a poop. He then took BeBe into the bathroom, because I told him that's where we poop even BeBe. He comes back and says "Whew, that was a big poop. But he's all done now. I even wiped BeBe's butt!"
    I want to know why he can wipe BeBe's butt but wiping his own is a fight!

* Nixon has given me an awesome new nickname today. And I'm totally encouraging use of this name!
  Nixon has started calling me "Your Majesty". I don't know why he's doing it or where he came up with the idea, but I don't mind! He came over to me and said "Excuse me, your Majesty" and went on to ask me something. He then told me "Your majesty, you are pretty". And to get my attention he'd come over and say very cutely "Your Majesty!".
   Kate Middleton may have given birth to a prince today, but I gained a royal title!

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