Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The next generation!

* Nixon and J are enjoying their time together. It comes with ups and downs, of course, but they are cousins and they are cute together.

* We tried making it to DC today. Less than 5 minutes away from the house there was a downpour so bad I could barely see 2 car lengths in front of me. The solution? Chuck E Cheese! The kids are out of the house burning off energy and we're all safe off the roads and out of the rain.

* Mac went upstairs to get ready for work. He comes downstairs and says "It's like our (J's father and Mac) sleepovers up there. Nixon is lying in bed talking to J, they are having a secret conversation like we did", and he sounded so amused by it. It's adorable that Mac got to see Nixon and J replaying his own childhood memory in real-life.

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