Wednesday, July 24, 2013

"I have light yellow skin"

* (I was lightly tickling Nixon's nose this morning)
Nixon: What are you doing Mom?
me: Just looking at you, and your cute nose.
Nixon: Why?
me: Because I'm your mom and moms do silly things like that. Do you have my nose or Daddy's nose?
Nixon: Duh! I have my nose...Nixon's nose.
me: You do, huh?
Nixon: Yes, and I have light yellow skin.
me: Well, okay then.

* Watching TV, Nixon sees the Dawn commercial which shows the oil spill animal victims getting cleaned up.
Nixon: Mommy, I want a animal.
me: Huh? *then I get what he's saying* Oh, baby, those aren't animals to be pets, those are animals who are sick and need to be cleaned.
Nixon: I'll save them!
me: Nixon, I promise you. If there's ever something like that nearby, I'll take you and we'll go help save animals, okay?
Nixon: Really?
me: Yes baby, I would love to do that with you. Saving animals is very important and it'd be great to do that together with you.

* I told Nixon his newest cousin is expected to be born tomorrow. He says "Really? From Aunt Snotface's tummy?"
   Then I tell him we'll see the new baby next month when we go home to visit. He has the most amazing idea! "I'm going to meet my baby cousin and put him to sleep for a nap before the moon is up to keep him safe. Because you always put me to sleep when the moon is up and I'm always safe."
   He is too much, isn't he?!

* By the way, Nixon took a nap at 8:15pm I took him upstairs to his bed. He's asleep for the night, I hope. But I'm afraid it's going to be an early morning for me tomorrow....
Yeah, he might be going to college with those fingers in his mouth :(

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