Saturday, July 6, 2013

You've met Captain Obvious, now meet Mr. Hollywood!

* Mr. Hollywood made an appearance this morning. He's pretty cool, he comes and goes as he please. Today I caught a picture of him.
(Mr Hollywood is Nixon when he's wearing my over-sized sunglasses.) He's adorable.

* Nixon and I were snacking on some carrot sticks. Nixon comes over, takes the bag and says "Mom, you've had enough. No more!" I ask him if I was cut off and he looks at me, stroking my cheek "Mommy, I love you", like he was getting ready to stage an intervention.
   I take a few more from the bag and he says to me "Lame!" in that tone of voice of his that makes me dread his teen years already! He's also started saying "Well, duh!"

* We were watching a little TV this morning, while I tried to shake off the sleep. Nixon asked me what the words in the bottom corner of the screen said. He spelled them, I helped him sound them out and now he know exactly how to read My Little Pony on the screen. It's all sight recognition, but isn't that really all reading is in the first place?

* I almost had a very devastated little boy tonight. We ran to the grocery store for a few items tonight. Nixon brought BeBe, who usually get left in the car but tonight came into the store with us. We used a smaller cart, and Nixon found the perfect BeBe space: the cup holder on the cart. It became BeBe's seat. Mac loads the car, I buckle Nixon in his carseat. As Mac is getting INTO the car Nixon says "But wait, BeBe!" Sure enough, that damned bear is still in that cup holder in the cart.
   Lesson learned: BeBe stays in the car no matter what from now on. NO exceptions.

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