Sunday, July 7, 2013

"maybe there's a baby in you belly?"

* Nixon has never showed any interest in having or requested a sibling. It's been a great perk in our simple life.
   Tonight, I was lying on the sofa nursing some cursed cramps.
Nixon: Mommy, you hurt?
me: Yes. My belly hurts.
Nixon: Maybe because there's a baby in it?
me: NO! There's NO baby! *pause* Nixon, my belly hurts because there's not a baby in it. That's how I know there's no baby.
Nixon: Really?
me: Yep. Girls bodies do this thing almost monthly if there's no baby. It hurts but its not serious.
Nixon: Okay.
me: Nixon, you know we're never having another baby right? Our family is complete. There's nothing missing since we had you. You're the only baby we ever need.
Nixon: Aww...that's so sweet!
Mac: Yeah, he's pretty over it.

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