Friday, July 26, 2013

This is our son....and his defense is he learned it from Star Wars Angry Birds....really?!?!

* Nixon and I were eating breakfast this morning. I showed him the picture my sister sent me of my new nephew. Nixon says to me "Mommy, I'm a baby. I need a diaper". I kind of rolled with it and replied "Well, I don't have a diaper right now but why would you want one?". He thinks and then says "I'm growing up but I want to be your baby. Like a little baby."
  I reassure him that he'll always be my baby and I remind him that babies don't get to play Angry Birds and they have to sleep a lot and can't play with Lego's. I think he was over it at no Angry Birds.

* Nixon is sitting next to me on the sofa, with his fingers in his mouth
me: Fingers out.
Nixon: fingers in!
me: go to bed if you want fingers in
Nixon: (gets off the sofa and starts walking to the stairs) bowchickabowwow
me: *stunned silence followed by belly laughter*

* When Mac woke up, I explained the whole "bowchicabowwow" thing. Nixon then comes upstairs and starts saying it all over again, multiple times. We asked him where he learned that, while Mac was trying to change it to "brownchicken,browncow", and Nixon said "Space Angry Birds". Somehow I doubt that, but looks like I'm going to be putting some hours into that game soon. 
Always my baby....

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