Saturday, November 9, 2013

Uggg....what a damned day.

* You know those hard conversations that sneak up on you out of nowhere? Yeah, me too. This one caught me off guard today.
   This morning started with some coffee-milk (for Nixon), coffee for Mac and I, layers of clothes and a warm blanket for sitting outside waiting for another very awesome signing at Third Eye Comics. Nixon and I got there about an hour before the store opened. Nixon was running around but not being overly rowdy.
   Doors opened, we went in, got our stuff signed and even won 2 drawing from the artist. We were hanging out hoping the line slowed down so we could get the drawings and go home. Nixon spent most of his time playing with the dice, lining them up and what-not. He had become especially fond of this one pink die.
   Nixon had to go to the bathroom. The comic book store doesn't have a restroom, so we take him to the store next to them which does. While in there, Nixon says "Look momma, I have my pink dice in my hand!"

    We went back to the store, found one of the owners and I had Nixon hand her back the dice and apologize for stealing it. We then found a "quiet" area and I explained to him why stealing is wrong. I know he didn't do it on purpose, but to me it's very important to nip this now before he does start doing it on purpose.
   He was sad, because he thought I was being mean and that the store owners wouldn't let him in the store anymore. I dialed it back a bit and told him he did the right thing by returning the die and apologizing. He was much better behaved after that and we left for home around noon.

* In other news, he chose his birthday theme. He wants My Little Pony plates/cups/napkins. He also asked for a Twilight Sparkle mask, but I doubt he'll get it since he hates masks and complain about them when he does wear them.
This is how I found him...curled up in a ball without blankets. 

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