Thursday, November 7, 2013

Music, teaching him to lose and awesome shopping experience today!

* Today I had some shopping to do to get ready for Nixon's very first field trip tomorrow. Since Nixon was home with me today, I took him with me. I had my lists, Nixon knew where we were going and our game plan was set.
   We hit the first store and Nixon was awesome. Went to the second store and Nixon was so much better than the first! He helped me chose fruits, asked for broccoli, and even showed me (but didn't ask for) cupcakes he'd like for his birthday to take to school.

* In the car on the way to our shopping adventures, I had my iPod hooked up. We were listening to Miley Cyrus' newest album, and Nixon suddenly says "Momma, can you turn it off for a second?"
   I do and he says, "I wanted to tell you, I really like the music! It makes me want to dance!".
   After Miley, Nixon and I were both in the car singing to songs from My Little Pony. We started with Winter Wrap-up and kept singing together song, after song.
   It's the first time Nixon has really sang in the car and honestly, I love that he let me sing with him.

* Finally, Nixon asked me to buy him a tic-tac-toe game. It's winter themed, but it made him happy and he was super awesome, so I bought it.
   We came home and he wanted me to play it with him. I taught him a very important lesson: Pay attention to your moves. After losing several games, deciding to switch from 'X' to 'O' because he thought that was why he was losing and finally he started listening. He stopped just thinking about HIS next move and started looking for MY next move. He may not have beaten me, but he did stop me and we had more than a couple games end with no winner. He learned that having no winner was sometimes better than having a winner. It meant he was keeping up with me and planning his moves.
   He really liked that he stopped me from winning.

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