Sunday, February 24, 2013

...and then Nixon and I "were on a break"

* What do you do when your kid is having a rough morning and you know it's your fault? After a 3rd meltdown, I cave and let him spend time alone watching tv upstairs while I relax downstairs. We spent about 90 minutes apart and we both felt better in the end.

* After dinner we had a kiss war. The rules are simple. We start by counting the kisses we give each other. Winner is the one who keeps giving kisses until the other person stops counting. Tonight, I won because Nixon stopped counting at 12! haha

* We laid in bed and read two books tonight. At the end, Nixon kissed my cheek and said "Sweet dreams mommy. Now get out, I need to sleep." the funny in this? He's sleeping in my bed tonight!! The little turd kicked me out of MY bed!! Oh well, at least he stopped yelling at me.

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