Saturday, February 9, 2013

"I make the play times"

* me: Nixon, it's time to eat breakfast, not time to play with your toys.
  Nixon: But why?
  me: Why? Because I'm your mom and I say it's time to eat. I have to make these rules.
 Nixon: Well, I am Nixon and I make the play times.
  me: Nice to meet you Nixon, but mom rules trump fun times, sorry son.

* Tonight we started reading the Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Nixon wanted me to keep reading it, all of it, and was very hurt and pouting when I told him we had to wait until tomorrow to read more. Then Nixon says "Mommy, you need to leave so I can go to sleep and wake tomorrow. We need to read more, more faster". He is adorable!

he's as cute sleeping as he is mouthy and smart-assed awake! And he's mine!

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