Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Feeling better and no fights to take his medicine, always a giant plus!

* Nixon is feeling much better. He slept soundly all last night, had sniffles this morning but was good enough.
   He said to me, when I mentioned that he's going to school tomorrow, "Then I need to get better so no one can make fun of my voice." And my heart broke thinking that, after just 2 days of school, Nixon is already worried about being made fun of.
   I didn't say anything...right away. When I did, I just let him I'm here for him, even if he has a bad day at school and if things get too bad he can tell his teachers.

* Tonight before bed, Nixon asked for his medicine and then told me "But make sure I have some for in da morning too, Mommy".

In other news: Nixon's now got a new room. Yesterday Mac and I rearrange the 2 bedrooms (Nixon's and spare) in an effort to cool Nixon's room down, which for some ungodly reason is the hottest room in the entire house!  Nixon also now has more room in his bedroom as what was the spare bedroom was larger than his bedroom. He's quite happy about the move and even gave up 7 stuffed animals to be donated, when I asked him to choose 7 to give to children without stuffed animals.

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