Thursday, September 5, 2013

Today, Nixon has decided my random outbursts into songs are hilarious and he is demanding MORE! I love this kid, he's so good for my "fragile" ego.

* The sky tonight was looking very foreboding.

Very much like a storm was rolling in, so I said as much as Nixon was heading upstairs for his bath. I burst out singing a totally appropriate song, for the moment, Garbage's "I'm only happy when it Rains"
me: I'm only happy when it rains,
    I'm only happy when it's complicated...
Nixon: *as he's dashing up the stairs* As long as there's no thunder with it.
me: That was awesome!! He totally sang that on tune and it rhymed! Nixon you rock, kid!
Nixon: Yeah, I do. Now fill my bath with water!

* Everyone knows the "On top of Spaghetti" song, right? Well, tonight was the first night I sang the song for Nixon. Upon finishing the "....rolled out the door.", Nixon says to me "And then what happened?". I asked him what he thought happened and he said he didn't know because I should know and tell him.
BeBe is always nearby.... <3

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