Saturday, September 28, 2013

He's the best self-esteem builder ever!!

* I was getting dressed for a signing at Third Eye Comics, which I was really looking forward too. As I was doing my hair, in a new style, Nixon comes into the bathroom and says "Wow, Mom, your hair looks super pretty." Awww!
   After I was dressed, and finishing my makeup, Nixon comes in and says to me "Mommy, you look great! Really pretty!"
this is what Nixon called "Really pretty". 

* Nixon: Knock, knock
Mac: Who's there?
Nixon: It's me, Nixon.
Mac: Nixon who?
Nixon: No! It's just me...Nixon! Get it?
me (to Mac): He's cute, so he'll get by.

* Nixon is now reading exit numbers on the highway! He likes to read off each exit as I'm passing it and tell me "Mommy, that's not our exit yet". He's also obsessed with counting all the semis he sees. Last night he counted 24 in our 8 mile drive.

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