Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Teacher's compliment, birthday gift secret, manners lecture from my 4-year old and sharing food with each other....Nixon and I had a great day!

* Taking Nixon into his class this morning, and he does his usual "Hi everyone! I'm here!" and skips over to say hi to a group of kids. I see his teacher, and I needed to let her know he'd be getting picked up a little early today, and she says "I love his enthusiasm! He is just so great and happy! Some kids come in and look like they still need another hour in bed." I laugh and say "Yeah, he wakes up like that...every day. Straight from the minute his feet hit the floor." She smiles and says "That must be awesome."
   You know what? It kind of is.

* Okay, so I took Nixon with me to go pick up a piece of his birthday gift today. SHHHHHH....but we're getting him a fish, well a beta fish to be exact. I found a fish tank for sale and went to go buy it today. Nixon never saw it.
   After it was safely stashed in the back of my car, Nixon and I went into Walgreen's for a snack for the drive home. On the way to the store entrance, we passed a lady and her dog on the sidewalk. It was a little tight but enough room for us to get by when Nixon walking directly in front of me. Suddenly, Nixon stops in front of me and says "Mommy! We've gotta go back. I didn't use my manners and say "excuse me" to that lady when we walked by." He was genuinely distraught by this but after I assured him we were okay, he went into the store. He did chastise me "Okay, Mom, but we have got to use our manners all the time! Because it's the right thing to do, you know.".

* Nixon picked a bag of Ranch Doritos and I grabbed a bag of Lays Cheesy Garlic Bread chips for the car ride home. Nixon asked for a couple of my chips and I had no problem sharing them with him. A minute or two later, he asked for a couple more. By the third request for MY chips, I had a solution: Making sure Nixon had some of his Doritos left, I offered him to trade bags. He took me up on the offer and he was super happy. Until his chips were gone and then he says "Mom, I'd like my blue chip bag back now."
   Yep, sorry kiddo, you're not the only one who finished their bag of chips.

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