Sunday, September 29, 2013

Damn his defiant and back-talking mouth!

* From the minute I got out of bed, Nixon was almost non-stop defiant and talking back. I swear, he changed my name to "NO!" and didn't tell me, I heard it come out of his mouth so much today.
 me: Nixon what do you ant for breakfast?
 Nixon: NO! I don't want breakfast!
 me: Okay, let me know when you get hungry.
 Nixon: NO! *a few minutes later* Hey, where's my food?
 me: I'm sorry, what did you just say?
 Nixon: Oops. I meant, may I have something to eat please.

 me: Nix, I think it's time for a nap.
 Nixon: NO! I'm not taking a nap today!
 me: Nixon, you need a nap, you're super feisty.
 Nixon: NO! You are....what did you say?  
 me: Feisty?
 Nixon: You are that word!

 I'd have taken it personally, except when Mac got up Nixon was just as testy and moody with him.

* But then, just like *that*, he's sweet again. He was bringing BeBe over for me to give hugs and kisses to. He also asked me to "babysit" BeBe. I tucked BeBe in my tee shirt for his nap. Then Nixon would come over and tell me "He's done sleeping, I'll take him now." My payment? Hugs and kisses from Nixon.
    He's such a caring single teddy bear father.

* Nixon asked for scrambled eggs and bacon for dinner. He then offered to cook the eggs. And he did a good job too. He used the spatula and kept stirring them in the pan for a few minutes, until they were almost done. Then he said "Okay mom, now you finish, I'm thirsty."
he's so adorable! I just can't get over it....

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