Monday, September 9, 2013

Nixon's first milestone in school: home sick :(

  (no pictures tonight, I want him to have a full good night's sleep uninterrupted)
* Nixon got up 4 more times last night. His nose was getting super congested and he freaks when he can't breath, which is why he woke up crying last night.
   After the last wake up, I talked to Mac and we decided we'd keep Nixon out of school today, let him sleep in and hopefully he can go back to on Wednesday. I went to comfort Nixon in his bed and let him know about our choice, fully expecting a meltdown. Instead....I got this: "Yeah, Mommy, I need sleep to feel better. School is no good." What?!? He must be sick!

* He stayed home, he's very congested, deep stuffy voice because of it. He took his medication with no issue, after a small sip and he declared "That's not so bad!". He asked for a nap, relaxed in bed was obviously ill and under the weather.
   Here's hoping tomorrow is a better day for him.

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