Sunday, September 1, 2013

It's a two-for post today!

   Since my laptop was acting like an ass last night, I couldn't get the post done.

~Nixon had a trip to the thrift store with Mac & I, that resulted in him finding a twin for BeBe. It's an identical bear in every way as his beloved BeBe, except this one is blue. He is now known as Blue BeBe and Nixon has 3 bears in bed with him plus Pinkie Pie.
showing off his thrift store finds: Pinkie Pie (G3 version) and Blue BeBe

~Nixon is telling me he has a secret note. It says "To my baby boy, I love you." I say that to him daily, and it's now his secret note!

~ I asked Nixon "If you have a boy, when you grow up, what would you name him?"
Nixon: My name, Nixon.
me: You'll name him Nixon?
Nixon: Yeah!
me: So, Nixon Junior?
Nixon: No. I changed my mind. I'll name him Junior. Just Junior.
me: If you have a boy, you're going to just name him Junior.
Nixon: Yeah, that's a good name for a boy!

~ I love Nixon giving me awesome compliments like "You look good mom" while I'm making his breakfast or "Mommy, you do that well" as I make him a sandwich. The best happened today (sadly I was out getting some alone time, while Mac and Nixon were home together), when Nixon was napping. He sat up and sat "Mommy, you look good" and went back to sleep.
Complimenting me in his sleep, even when I'm not around? He is perfect!

* Nixon got a Happy Meal last night. The toy is a Power Ranger toy, which is a piece of a larger toy (to of course get you to buy more Happy Meals). Nixon comes in to wake me up today and says "Mommy, I have a big problem. I have one arm but I need: 1,2,3,4 more need to take me to get more Happy Meals!"
   Yeah, I see that wake me up and and start demanding Happy Meals?!? How about getting me some coffee first? Geesh, I thought I had him trained better than that!

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