Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Today Nixon started trying his hand at stand-up comedy, his delivery is good but we'll work on his punchlines together!

* Nixon walks up to me, wearing his plastic HULK Halloween mask. I say "Hi HULK" and Nixon says (from under the mask) "I'm not HULK, it's me Nixon. See my eyes?"
   He then tells me he's wearing the mask to hide from the bugs.

* Nixon: Knock, knock
me: Who's there?
Nixon: Me!
me: me who?
Nixon: It's me, Nixon! I'm right here!
and he runs away laughing!
It's his first knock, knock joke so I'll give him a break. It still made me laugh! Why? Because I'm his mom and I laugh at him when ever he's totally adorable!

* I took Nixon to Pet Smart today, to get some cat things. While we were there, Nixon and I walked around to look at the animals. Nixon went from wanting a hamster to a bird (never happening!) to a fish. Since we're already thinking of getting him a fish for his birthday, I'm good with the last one.
   We went and looked at all the tanks, including the really odd looking googly-eyed goldfish ones. Nixon declared these fish "so adorable!" and the clerk in the fish department looked mildly amused when I responded "You and I have wildly different definitions of 'adorable' there kiddo".

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