Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Secret Agent Nixon...

* Nixon and I were playing "Secret Agent". It's simple. We communicate by talking to our wrists, referring to each other as "Secret Agent Mom" or "Secret Agent Nixon", and he goes on missions I give him. He told me "Secret Agent Mom, I broke the laser", but was confused when I replied "Secret Agent Nixon, that is coming out of your paycheck."
It's all fun and games until mom ruins it by making it too real-life.

* Nixon used to have night terrors and had started sleepwalking when we started our move from Okinawa to Maryland. We'd find him sleeping on the floor, in the bathroom, in the hallway, almost on the stairs (!!) and then he just stopped.
There's no picture tonight because as I was upstairs getting ready to take it this happened:
Nixon opened his bedroom door, but was obviously disoriented: I sick mommy.
me: You're sick? Did you get sick? (he was scratching his throat)
Nixon (had climbed back onto his bed): Yeah, I think...over there.....
me: Nixon...did you get sick or are you going to be sick? (obviously, I know I handled this WAY wrong. )
Nixon: I don't know
me: Nixon, go to the bathroom
(while he's going to the bathroom I check his room and see there's no vomit anywhere)
He is in the bathroom, just peeing.
He gets back into bed, and looks like he is going to cry.
Then it hits me...he thought I was mad at him and he wasn't awake enough to know what was going on. He had just gotten up to go to the bathroom and I startled him with questions! I'm a giant asshole mom!
Hugs, kisses, "i love you" and he's fast asleep...but I just couldn't disturb him and take his pictures tonight.

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