Wednesday, March 27, 2013

...and then I helped him with math and explained belly buttons

* Nixon: Can I have 2 vitamin cars?
me: Nixon, you already had your 2 vitamin cars today.
Nixon: Oh.
me: *holding up 2 fingers* You had your 2 vitamins today, so now you have zero left.
Nixon: Mommy, may I have zero vitamin cars?
me: Yes, you may have zero vitamin cars.
Nixon: I can?!
me: Yes.
this went on for quite a while before Nixon got frustrated and realized he was not going to get more vitamin cars.
Fun with Math.

* Nixon, looking at a photo of a friend's newborn baby, asked me about the umbilical cord. I don't think I scarred him too badly:
"Well, when a baby is inside it's mommy's belly, that big white cord is how it gets food. After it's born, the cord gets cut and in a few days it will dry out and fall off. Leaving behind a belly button, which is a little piece of forever proof of the time you lived in mommy's belly."
Nixon looked at his belly button and said "I see it!"  

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