Tuesday, March 5, 2013

today I admitted defeat....

* I've struggled with migraines most of the past two decades. As horrible as my pregnancy was with Nixon, migraines were not an issue. For the most part, I haven't had a bad bout with them since Nixon was born. I get migraines but nothing like I used to have (days in bed, where light brought me to my knees and I could see sounds and cried from the pain).
Today, I woke up with that "old familiar" feeling. A migraine....
I struggled to remember to feed Nixon, I laid on the couch trying to stay still and not move too much because the movement hurt my head and I was close to vomiting from the pain. Nixon and I napped together in my bed, my hope was a nap would ease the pain in my head. I was wrong.
I finally admitted defeat and as night fell and the house got darker I gained some functionality. Unfortunately for me, Nixon realized I was not going to force him to clean his toys up today. Since I couldn't yell without hurting my head and possibly vomiting, I let it go....for today.
Tomorrow? Tomorrow is another day and I will be better! Mommy's back son!

* Nixon saw me coming upstairs when he should have been in bed sleeping. I had just finished working out and was pretty beat. Nixon says "Mommy, you need a nap". What can I say? I certainly felt like I needed my bed.

TMNT update: 3 smileys and 3 frownys. Today he got a smiley!

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