Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

* We don't make a big deal out of easter. This morning I slept in a bit, while Mac fed Nixon. By the time I woke up Nixon was just finishing breakfast. I brought the baskets down with me (yes, we each got a basket because we can and that's how we roll here) and we had fun opening the small gifts in our baskets. Nixon loved his 5 pack of Matchbox cars, which he knew he was getting and kept asking for every day since Tuesday, while Mac liked his Star Wars/Superhero basket. Not a whole lot of candy, but enough to make Nixon ask for some every 3.2 seconds. Including asking for ours because we weren't eating it fast enough.
Since he doesn't get candy a whole lot, when he is given it I still limit how much he gets to eat in a day. Of course, in Nixon's opinion, it's never enough and I'm ruining his fun. Oh well, party pooper mom table for 1, your table is ready!

Darth Vader wearing bunny ears?? Awesome! Happy Easter everyone! Ours was geek'tastic. 

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