Friday, March 1, 2013

Who is the Master Of Fun?!? Mommy is!

* Mac is the "fun" parent. Nixon goes to him for wrestling, fun hugs (wrestling, lifting, tickling hugs), Lego's time and all around good time usually is Mac's gig. I'm the hardass parent. I set the rules, I dole out punishments...I'm mean.
   Until tonight! Tonight I became the MASTER of FUN HUGS! *echo, echo, echo*
Mac's lower back has been aching and he tripped on one of Nixon's many small toys which put him down for the count. I offered to do fun hugs with Nixon. I tickled him, kissed him and had him crying "NO mommy, stop! NO more fun hugs!!" because I'm too good at them!
After that I gave him a bucking bronco ride and a piggy back ride to bed. The moral of all this? I rock!

* In other news: Nixon did not keep his fingers out of his mouth today.

* Oh yeah, and this happened today, he really is so awkward sometimes:

I wore him out good!! 

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