Monday, March 11, 2013

He showed how much he is like his dad today....I like it!

* Nixon: I'm packing up. *grabs his now empty boxes*
me: Are you going somewhere?
Nixon: Mmhhmmm. I'm packing up my suitcases and going to the comic book store.
me: Suitcases to the comic book store?
Nixon: I'm all packed up. Oh wait! Something is missing.
me: What's missing?
Nixon: A chair. I'm missing a chair!
me: What do you need a chair for at the comic book store?
Nixon: For at the airport. For waiting.

(I didn't get it either. But it made sense to him...I guess.)

He is one smiley face away from his TMNT. I did not see, hear or feel his fingers in his mouth at all today! When I mentioned this to him he said "that's because I kept them out all day! Fingers do not belong in my mouth, because I am a big boy." One more good day and he gets his TMNT toy (action figure...whatever. He'll have earned his reward!)

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