Saturday, March 2, 2013

And friendliest kid of the day award goes to.....MINE!

ladies and gentlemen...welcome to the gun show! ^^ 

* While I was in the shower, Nixon was grabbing every pillow from every bed we have in the house and making himself a pillow fortress on our bed. He had 8-10 pillows on our bed and he was loving life!

* Another Saturday, another signing at Third Eye Comics. Nixon and I got there our usual time, about 30 minutes before doors open, and Nixon was being awesome. He saw a couple kids a little older than himself, he said hi and tried to get some high-fives. He was just so chill and in his element, not at all shy about going up and saying "hello". He even told Mac and I that one of the kid's "looked like Batman. That's so cool!" I have no idea what he was talking about. The kid wasn't wearing a cape or mask and nothing black or yellow, but Nixon saw Batman and the other kid was pretty happy to hear that some thought he looked like Batman, so it's a win-win, even if the adults were all looking at each other like "what the hell are you seeing?" 

Finally, another day with fingers in his mouth....1 good day, 2 no days.
for some reason, he only takes off one sock and leaves the other one on. 

He's quirky and odd and so completely awesome! And, he's all mine! Well, mine and Mac's. 

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