Saturday, March 30, 2013

today was a MUCH better day

he loves free swag, just like his dad.

* From the moment I rolled over and realized it was morning, I knew yesterday was over. My first coherent glimpse of Nixon this morning, was one of him lying belly on the floor, legs kicked up behind him while he gently and carefully leafed through the pages of a My Little Pony comic book I'd left on my night stand. He was telling himself the story as he saw it, and he was quite pleased with how carefully he was handling the book.

* We met Mac at Third Eye Comics for a signing, and something that doesn't usually happen, Nixon got a little piece of his own free swag today. He got a free map from the 2 creators that were given to all the customers waiting outside. Nixon was so happy! We got it personalized for him and will hang it on his wall in the very near future.
Nixon also got a large applause from people in line, when he cried "BOOOO!" because his number (really mine) wasn't called for the giveaway raffle the store was awesome enough to do. It was in good fun and luckily the employees find him adorable, but in the future that's not going to be okay. Today he was just following his dad's lead....that's a whole 'nother issue.

* The night ended with Nixon getting a few minutes of naked time. I don't know what he has against clothes, but if letting him be naked for a bit makes bedtime easier, I'm all for it.

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