Thursday, March 7, 2013

Long live Bucket Head

* Every morning Mac is home, I get to sleep in without worrying about what kind of trouble Nixon is getting into. It's one of the most awesome perks of having Mac as my parenting partner. On those days, I get greeted, after I get out of bed and finally head downstairs, by a giant hug from Nixon who excitedly cries "Mommmyyyyy!" as soon as he sees me. He says it in such a way it makes me feel like I'm the sun in his world. That greeting never gets old!

* Nixon was incredibly cranky and pissy while we were running errands today. Very uncooperative and mouthy, just being a punk beyond his usual punkness.
  We got home and told him it was naptime. He took an almost 4.5 hour nap! Mac asked if we should wake him up, the answer is always no! He's either sick, fighting something and bout to get sick or heading for a growth spurt when he sleeps like that. Whatever the cause, I never wake him up when he's sleeping if I don't have too. He's been super cranky lately and this nap today just proved there's something causing it, I just don't know what yet.

this is Bucket Head!

* Nixon has this orange plastic bucket that has seen better days. Today he put a big crack in it and I said it was time to throw it out. Nixon was devastated! Big, real tears over this bucket.
I couldn't take it. I told him to calm down I'd fix it. And I did. I duct taped that bucket up! It's not breaking or cracking again anytime soon...or ever. Normally, I'd have just thrown it out and let it go, but he was honestly very upset about it being broken and I couldn't not fix it for him. It's his "bucket head" bucket, you don't just get rid of "bucket head".

TMNT update: 5 smiley vs 3 frownys! If he keeps this up he could get his turtle by this weekend!

I have my limits...I could not bring myself to put the bucket on him in his sleep. Putting it above his head was as close as I'd go. 

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