Friday, March 8, 2013

He's a nudist and a comedian in the making....and he's a normal 4-year old with normal 4 year old fears.

*Nixon's first "knock, knock" joke
Nixon: knock knock mom
me: who's there?
Nixon: it's me package Nixon, from the mail truck
me: It's me package Nixon from the mail truck who?
Nixon: here, I have a delivery for's a frog!

Eh, it's a work in progress but he's trying!

* Nixon asked if he could get naked and run around wild before bed. Since the curtains are closed and it's just us, I told him to go for it. I don't know why but this kid loves being naked! He asked for a "fun hug" and I told him he couldn't have one while naked. So he put on undies and a tee shirt, walked over to me and said "Mommy, I have clothes on, fun hug now please!" haha

* In the car today..
me: Nixon, what's your name?
Nixon: 4
me: No. Nixon, what are you called?
Nixon: I am Nixon.
me: Yes, that's your name. What's Daddy's name?
Nixon: Daddy.
me: No, Nixon, Daddy's name is Mac. Do you know Mommy's name?
Nixon: Mac?
me: *laughing* No, my name is Rea.
Nixon: Really? It's not Mommy?
me: Only you call me mommy. But it's important that you know mommy and daddy's names, so if you ever get lost you can tell a police officer and they can help you find us.
Nixon: You are going to lost me?!
me: Not today, but some day it might happen, but never on purpose.
Nixon: Okay.
me: What's Daddy's name?
Nixon: Daddy's name is MAC!
me: And what is my name?
Nixon: Rea! Your name is Rea! And I am Nixon Mathieu!

TMNT update: today was a frowny day. He was fine until bedtime when I found him sucking his fingers hard and fast while I was reading his story. Total count- 5 smiles, 4 frowns

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