Sunday, March 3, 2013

Nixon kind of lacks empathy...either that or he just doesn't care about anyone but himself. He is 4 so it could go either way.

* Nixon seems to lack empathy. Mac's lower back has been bothering him for a week or so. Nixon has been relentless in his quest for "fun hugs". Mac has tried to be accommodating but has had to say no more than once, always explaining that he hurts. Nixon doesn't seem to understand this concept so he'll walk away, then come back 10-20 minutes later and say "Please can I have a fun hug now please?", when he is inevitably told "no" he pouts and says "but I asked the right way!". While Mac explains its not how he asked but what he asked for, Nixon walks away only to repeat this same scene several more times before relenting and finally asking me for a fun hug.

* TMNT challenge update: We have a day 2 success! I even made a board up so he can keep track of his good days (smiley face) and bad days (frowny face) and how many of each he has, with the ultimate goal of: 7 (smiley face) = turtle

From the time Nixon was really, really little, he'd sleep with his butt in the air. So tonight, finding him like this, kind of made me feel like my baby was back if only for a moment. 

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