Tuesday, March 26, 2013

..and then he cleaned his plate. twice!

* Nixon is a picky eater. If we go out to eat, it's not uncommon for him to leave food on his plate.
This morning, we dropped my car off to get work done, and headed to Denny's. Nixon picked his kids meal breakfast (3 small pancakes, eggs, 1 slice of bacon and 1 sausage link), and yeah we had a rough start but once the food arrived he was good to go. So good in fact, he cleared his plate!
Then at dinner....he ate 2 slices of pizza!

* He skyped with his Nana tonight. She saw his hair cut for the first time, since he got it cut, and she asked him where his hair went. He says, all super relaxed, "oh, it's all gone now". Then tells her he's a big boy, but still MY baby! Awww, right?

* Nixon sat on my lap and we read a My Little Pony Friendship is Magic comic book together. Yep, we're kind of awesome like that.

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