Thursday, March 14, 2013

Thank you, sparrows, for the literal birds (minus) bees talk I had to have with Nixon today because of you horny birds!

* While Nixon and I were on the way into Rite Aid today, Nixon's eye was caught by the ear-splitting squawking of birds. I look over, at where he was pointing, and see 3 sparrows having what can only be described as a birdie-orgy under the shopping carts. Nixon says "Mommy that baby bird is hurt! We need to help it quick!"
me: No baby, she is not hurt. Those birdies are just trying to make baby birds, but they get a little loud (as I keep walking with him)
Nixon: They have baby birds?!? I want to see the babies!
me: No honey, they are making babies, they don't have them yet.
Nixon: Will they have them when we leave?
me: No Nixon, it takes time for the birds to make the babies. Birds have eggs that they need to lay in nests.
Nixon: But those birds weren't in a nest.
me: (oy, I really stepped in with that one) No baby, they lay the eggs in the nest, they don't make the babies in the nest.
Nixon: Baby birds are made on the ground?
me: Yeah, we'll go with that!
**Thank gods he didn't ask where baby dogs/dinosaurs/people come from...**

I believe in telling him the truth but keeping it simple. It's easier that way and there's no having to remember the lies I told him the next time he asks me. 

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