Tuesday, March 19, 2013

he came into our bed, drew on the windows, tried to demand coffee....and I still love him!

*At a little before 1am, Nixon came into my bedroom (I was still awake) and said he was afraid of the dark. His room was too scary and wanted to sleep in bed with me so I can keep him safe. I let him, after going into his room and getting his nightlight while turning off the aquarium picture light. Then he snuggled under covers, told me I was his best friend and fell asleep. 

* Nixon and I used markers for windows and drew on the sliding glass door today. Nixon drew an awesome self-stick figure! And a race car....with a rock falling on it. Not sure why the rock fell on it, but he enjoyed it and drew it all by himself, so I'm cool with it.

* While I was drinking my coffee this morning Nixon came over to me and said "Mommy, you forgot my coffee. My coffee is yummy, with milk and it goes in my blue Superman mug." I just looked at him. I hadn't forgotten, he didn't ask and coming up to me like that is NOT going to get him anything.

* No bedtime story tonight. Nixon chose to take forever cleaning his toys up and took up his story time. I'm working on teaching him consequences of his actions. He's not a big fan of this latest parenting endeavor by me but he's catching on.  

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