Saturday, March 16, 2013

He gets his rewards and entertains people all day long

* Nixon got his TMNT reward today! He was overjoyed and practically ran to the back of the store to see the toys and choose his prize. He ultimately chose the blue one (Leonardo), with only one choice before. He happily carried around the store and showed it to anyone who paid attention to him.

* Nixon answered the door with me when our pizza delivery arrived. The delivery guy was awesome and friendly not in a creepy manner towards him.
Pizza guy: How old are you? (to Nixon)
Nixon: Uh.....crap on a stick!
PG: What's your name?
Nixon: I'm Nixon!
me: Nix, how old are you?
Nixon: I'm 4.
PG: My daughter is the same age.
me: Does she say "crap on a stick" to random people?
PG: No, but...'s better than the other more colorful alternatives, right?
PG: *chuckling* Yep, sure is. Have a great night!

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