Monday, April 1, 2013

he's using math and biology to get out of cleaning his mess

* At the play area in our local mall, Nixon was smitten with a little girl. He'd say hi, and follow her. She was...not into him. She was kind of mean saying things like "What's your problem?" and "Why are you following me?". Nixon was unfazed, he'd just smile and go about his life. Then he'd be near her again and say "Excuse me, hi" and then offer to play with her.
In the end, we left to grab a bite to eat and he was still totally unfazed by her attitude towards her.

* (Nixon when he's supposed to be cleaning up his toys)
Nixon: Mommy, can you help me?
me: Nixon, you made the mess, you know you have to clean them up.
Nixon: But I have a problem.
me: What problem?
Nixon: I only have 2 arms and 2 legs but look at all those toys...I need more arms!
me: Nixon, you need to stop stalling and use those arms more and your mouth less.
Nixon: I don't use my mouth at all to pick up my toys, that's yucky!

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