Thursday, April 18, 2013

Long car ride makes for one wound-up little boy

* We had to take a road trip to Virginia today. What should've been about an hour drive, turned into an almost 2 hour drive because traffic in the AM sucks! We woke up stupid early (630am) and left within an hour of getting up and none of us were at our best.
  We took care of what needed to be done, and hit up Denny's for breakfast before the drive home. Nixon was...well, Nixon was a kid who was tired of sitting. He wasn't horrible (Angry Birds on my phone kept him occupied for the most part) but after his food was gone, so was he. He was ready to get gone!

* There was an older gentleman sitting behind us at Denny's, who was trying to talk to Nixon, we were sitting right there and watching them and he'd already spoken to me. Nixon was too wound up and would not stand still for a second! The older guy took it in stride and just laughed at Nixon's hijinks. He even complimented Nixon for waiting to talk to him until Mac said it was okay. Maybe the strangers talks is finally setting in??

* I told Nixon today "You are getting Daddy's nose", because it seems to be widening lately, much like Mac's nose.
Nixon says "No! I don't want Daddy's nose. I like your nose."
me: Why don't you want Daddy's nose?
Nixon: It's big. Your nose is small, like me.
me: *laughing at his logic* Nixon, you are going to be big and strong like Daddy when you grow up, don't you want a big strong nose like Daddy's to go with a big, strong body?
Nixon: When I get bigger? Not now.
me: Nixon, I just meant your nose is starting to look more like Daddy's and less like mine, not that it was getting big like Daddy's right away. You have a lot of growing to do still.
Nixon: Oh, okay. I want Daddy's big nose because I'm going to be big like Daddy not little like you, Mommy.
me: Awesome!

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