Friday, April 5, 2013

Today started off so good.

* My throat felt like crap this morning. I was not feeling the morning at all and Nixon was amazingly very self-amused. He'd go downstairs and grab a granola bar, gently wake me up and ask me to open it for him, then kiss me and tell me I can have "sweet dreams for a little longer". He did that twice. I did try to get up around 930am, only to realize my head was being attacked by pitchfork wielding gnomes and movement just made them angry.
   I stayed in bed until a little before 11am. Nixon was totally fine, he was in my bedroom with the TV on and brought in some of his toys to keep himself entertained. When I got out of bed, we cleaned up the bedroom together and started our day.

* Nixon and I are a constant source of entertainment for those around us in lines. Today, while in line at Micheal's, an elderly woman behind us and a woman a few years older than me (I'd say) were both amused by my explaining why we have to wait in lines to Nixon, who was not at all amused by the waiting part.
Nixon: mommy, we need to go up there *points to the cashier*
me: yes, but we have to wait our turn, the people in front of us were here first. That's why there's a line.
Nixon: But we should go to the front.
me: why?
Nixon: Cause I'm so cute and I ask the right way?
me: No Nixon. Everyone here has to wait for their turn. That's how stores work. There's a line, and the people wait in the line to check out. Sometimes lines are short and sometimes, like now, you have to wait.
Nixon: Waiting is stupid.
me: Nixon, stupid is not a nice word to say.
Not everyone likes to wait in lines. That's why there's the Internet. If you don't like lines, you buy things on the Internet and no line because things arrive at your door. That's how Daddy shops, because he doesn't like lines.
Nixon: Daddy's smart. *this made the woman in front of us chuckle*
(we get to the register and Nixon puts his 2 items on the counter)
Nixon: Excuse me *to the cashier* those are my angry birds.
cashier: Would you like to carry them?
Nixon: Yes please
elderly woman behind us: You have lovely manners little boy!
Nixon: Thank you *to the cashier* I hate lines!
elderly woman: And you are very honest, too.
me: Yes, yes he is. *to the elderly woman*
Nixon: Goodbye, thank you for my angry birds and keeping lines moving!

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