Thursday, April 25, 2013

You've been waiting and he never disappoints: Captain Obvious drops by!

* My wake-up call this morning:
Nixon: *tapping on my eyelids* Mommy, are you in there?
me: *groaning incoherently*
Nixon: I found you money, I'm going to keep it.
me: Fine, go put it in your Captain America bank, and close your door behind you.
Nixon: NO! It's my money!
me: *opening my eyes* I know, I said you could have it. Go put it. In. Your. Bank!
Nixon: And I said NO!
me: *throwing the covers off and sitting up* Nixon this is ridiculous! You do know I said you could keep the money right?
Nixon: No, I want to steal it.
me: Well now you can't have it because stealing is wrong and you woke me up by arguing with me before I had my coffee.  *I walk into the bathroom and close the door*
Nixon: *knocks on the bathroom door* Mommy, you need to go back to sleep. You are being very mean and bossy.
me: Good morning, Captain Obvious!
I adore that they are sleeping so close to each other! He is facing her and neither of them woke when I took this picture. 

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